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Coming Mar 27

COOPER book 3 Cowboys of Ransom Creek

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Romance, cowboys, rodeo, ranching and wild mustangs…the Presley men, aka the cowboys of Ransom Creek, will win your heart and have you longing for Texas.

After making a major dating mistake, Cooper Presley has sworn off women. But then he meets his new neighbor and she's making his new “no dating policy” hard to abide by. She's special and he knows it, but what's he going to do about it?

Beth Lee is happy to settle into her new property with her baby goats and her dreams of a small productive farm. Forced to hide from her ex-boyfriend, she isn't looking for romance of any kind. Especially with a cowboy with a jealous ex of his own. But after Cooper rescues her baby goats she can't get the handsome cowboy off her mind.

When her past catches up to her, Cooper Presley comes to her rescue. Now, despite all the rumors and the jealous ex’s, Beth is at risk of falling in love with the sexy cowboy.

The small town of Ransom Creek is buzzing with rumors, a little suspense…and a lot of speculation that Cooper Presley might be the first of those handsome Presley men to fall in love.

Print copy coming upon release.

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WITH THIS FOREVER book 10 Windswept Bay (Jake's story)

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He's a risk taker, she's never taken a risk in her life…now she'll risk everything to win his heart.

Seamstress, Sammy Jo Lovely has never done a risky thing in her entire life. Now, alone and with a promise to her beloved granny that she’ll actually do the things on her bucket list, she’s moved to Windswept Bay to change her life. Learning to scuba dive is top of her list, along with swimming in the ocean, taking a boat ride and feeling the sand between her toes…yes, her life has been sheltered. Maybe being near the ocean and a dive shop will inspire her to actually do something. Then she meets her handsome new neighbor and what she wants in life takes on a whole new meaning.

Adventure lover and dive shop owner, Jake Sinclair isn’t sure why his quiet, slightly klutzy new neighbor has opened her “Lovely You” women’s boutique next door to his dive shop, it’s a very unlikely combination-just like they are. But, when he catches sight of her bucket list, he’s intrigued and can't help but offer to help her check a few things off…such as “kissing on a moonlight beach.” But when it comes to “falling in love” he might be increasingly drawn to everything about Sammy “So” Lovely however that might be one thing on her list he can’t help her check off.

On the romantic shores of Windswept Bay can Sammy Jo help Jake realize that opening up to love is a risk worth taking?



Like the sweet music of a love song, Windswept Bay has a magic of its own and on moonlight nights and sun-bronzed days love is in the air. Debra Clopton’s new series will sweep you away to romance that leaves your heart thumping with the satisfaction of pure heartwarming romance. Don't miss my Windswept Bay series!



New Horizon Ranch: What happens when five ranch-hands inherit a Texas ranch from their boss~ These cowboys and cowgirl vow to honor their beloved boss by making the New Horizon Ranch the success he envisioned when he chose to leave his legacy in their care. Along the way they each find the love of a lifetime. You’ll fall in love with these sweet cowboy romances.





Texas Matchmakers series—fun begins when three mischievous matchmakers start a nationally advertised “Wives Wanted Campaign” to bring women to their dying town of Mule Hollow to marry the lonesome cowboys. A far fetched idea that's working—look out fellas, the women are coming one car at a time!





Turner Creek series—it all begins with a historic stagecoach house, a hunt for treasure from the past and a big brother determined to carry on his great, great grandfathers legacy by marrying off his brothers. This series is set in Mule Hollow so of course, the posse is involved…








FREE 1st in series!

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Hairstylist Lacy Brown is a whirlwind of trouble just waiting to happen when she drives into the dying Texas town and joins up with the matchmakers determined help all the lonesome single cowboys find wives. She has big dreams and a vision, but she’s not counting on a certain cowboy being the key to making her dreams come true.
Rancher Clint Matlock has rustlers to catch, but from the moment the impetuous Lacy rams her pink monstrosity of a car smack into his jeep she begins turning his town-and his life upside down. Despite all of his determination he's suddenly having trouble keeping his mind on his business….
To save a dying town it’ll take more than dreams and buckets of pink paint, it’ll take a whole lot of love…can Lacy and Clint, despite their obvious differences, open their hearts to the possibility that they belong together.

Note: This book was previously published as The Trouble With Lacy Brown.



 From This Moment On 

Book 1 Windswept Bay

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Hurt by her failed marriage and dashed dreams, Cali Sinclair returns home to Windswept Bay with her heart wary and closed to the dreams of true love she so desperately wanted. Determined to never again risk her heart, she throws herself into running the family’s small boutique resort on the Florida coast, a place so full of romance that it’s a reminder every day of what she’ll never have. But when renowned artist Grant Ellington shows up to paint a mural on the wall of the resort, she’s swept away by her response to the artist. Suddenly, every time he looks at her, Cali finds it harder than she ever thought possible to keep her heart protected.

Grant Ellington loves his ranch, his horses, and his life as a sought-after artist. But after walking away from a plane crash that killed his best friend and the young pilot, he’s still struggling with survivor’s guilt as he heads to Windswept Bay. Painting a sea life mural at the resort started out as a favor to his neighbor, but one meeting with the beautiful Cali and he feels alive again—and determined to spend time on the moonlit beaches with her in his arms…

But, like him, Cali has her own emotional scars—can they learn to trust the love that sparks between them and move forward from this moment on? 

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    Cowboy Cliff Masterson sieht eine Frau, die Hilfe braucht, und greift ein – weil Maddie zu stur ist, um darum zu bitten …

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